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1847 Walk-About Child

1847 Walk-About Child

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When I shared the link for the Walk-About Child t-shirts with my uncle he proclaimed, “too much English”  He states, I should have used more Liberian pidgin English. I told him I’ll create an 1847 edition in honor of our upcoming celebration of independence on July 26th!

It is not what they call you, it is what you answer to. In West Africa, Liberia it is often said, ‘a walk- about child can not sit down home’. Today, I take that narrative of not remaining at home and apply it to my personal travel and creative goals, exploring the places I find myself, while connecting with the people that call these places homes.  If you also like to discover the world around you, whether it is by feet, boat, plane, train, or automobile this shirt is for you.  

As we say in Liberia my 26th is on you.  

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